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Estensione di file .pdf Estensione di file .jpg/.jpeg
Tipo di media application/pdf Tipo di media image/jpeg
Sviluppato da ISO Sviluppato da Joint Photographic Experts Group
Rilascio iniziale 15 giugno 1993 Rilascio iniziale 18 settembre 1992
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Link utili


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Converting your PDF files to jpg format is now so simple! I’ve tried different converters, but they were either slow or expensive. This one is perfect!



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Several times I’ve come across problems when converting a PDF document to a jpg image (couldn’t save the file). AltoPDF solved the issue. Great tool, I highly recommend it!



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Used it only once, yet I hit the nail on the head! Such an intuitive interface, clear, fast and, and free! Just drag a PDF and get its jpg version almost instantly.